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Avoid A Tangled Mess, And Learn How To Wind A Center-Pull Ball Of Yarn!

If you have ever purchased a skein of yarn, you know how easily things can get tangled. When that happens, it can be so hard to find your groove on a project because you have to keep stopping and untangling the yarn; talk about frustrating!

With that said, you can imagine just how thrilled we were to find this video tutorial from Sandy at ExpressionFiberArts! In the following clip, she shows us how to wind a center pull ball of yarn, so we do not ever have to worry about spending time untangling our yarn, and just get straight to the project at hand (although we will admit that sometimes, untangling yarn can be therapeutic!).

Do you have any other tips to keep your yarn from getting all tangled while working on a project? Let us know your tried and true tips in the comments below!

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