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He Rubs Mustard On Wood To Get A Surprising Effect!

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Have you ever tried any of these weird wood stains? Steve from Wood Working for Mere Mortals has a plethora of odd wood stains that are surprisingly effective! He starts out with blackberries on a wood slab and works his way through a list of other suggestions. I can’t believe how good some of the stains looked! Who would have guessed that used motor oil could bring out such details in the grain of wood?

For those of you worried about smell or rotting food, Steve addresses these concerns in the video. As with all stains, they are meant to color the wood, not protect it. So of course, anything you stain would need a clear layer of lacquer or varnish to protect from sun damage and other elements. This layer of varnish also servers to eliminate odors from the different stains. Go ahead and see all of the weird and unusual things Steve uses to stain wood!

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