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This Cute, Convenient Trash Stasher Is So Handy, I Might Have To Make A Few Of Them!

You are not alone, we all have those spaces that just tend to get a little cluttered; from your car to your crafting room, various pieces of trash can seem to just start building up really quickly. Not to worry, Cindy and Lila from Riley Blake are here with a great project idea to quickly take care of that problem for you!

In the following video tutorial, you can learn how to make this cute and convenient trash stasher! Just because it is essentially a garbage can, that does not mean that it can not be cute! These are also great to toss scrap fabric when you are busy working on a project, and then you can sort through after you are finished.

Has anyone made one of these before? Do you love yours as much as we do? Happy sewing!

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