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Decor We ALL Grew Up With – Seems Like These Were Everywhere

No matter what era you grew up in, there are few classics that it seemed like were always around. If you didn’t grow up with these decor items in your home, the chances were pretty good that they were present in your friends’ homes. While we couldn’t call each of these styles classic, many of them seem to endure even to this day.

Anodized Aluminum Glasses

Most of us could taste the metal (and/or ended getting our lips stuck to the cup), but these space age cups came in so many colors and were once in just about everybody’s kitchen.

Spindle Rocking Chairs

From the 19th century to modern times, there’s almost nothing as comfy as a really good rocking chair. Perhaps that’s why we still see them even in modern decor!

White Bedroom Furniture for Girls

There’s something about that white neo-Rococo girls furniture that just brings back a whole lot of memories. Raise your hand if you had the whole set with canopy bed, desk, and dresser!

Wagon Wheel Bed Frames for Boys

Those wagon wheel bed frames for boys certainly were distinctive. There were quite a few knock-offs of the original with no yokes at the footboard.

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Dinette Sets

The classic in vinyl and chrome seemed to be ever-present and it’s no wonder- they were long-lasting, easy to clean, and very stylish.

Jars for Juice Glasses

Not just jelly, but all kinds of small jars could become juice glasses at Mom’s discretion.

Matching Canister Sets for the Kitchen

While we’re glad these haven’t gone out of style, we’re not seeing them quite as much these days. And certainly the ones we grew up with, like the brushed aluminum or the woodland owl designs, were a lot more fun than plain old ceramic.

Oversized Plaid

Whether you grew up in the ’50s, the ’80s, or today, it seems like there’s always some oversized plaid around. We had some on our living room curtains, but the oversized plaid wallpaper was also extremely popular.


Via/ Flickr

Braided Rugs

These rugs recall Early American times, but braided rugs have been equally popular in 1900, 1950, and 1980. One reason for this? They are so durable!


Via/ Flickr

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